NBTNMKK (Season 2) 27th March 2013

NBTNMKK (Season 2) 27th March 2013 pt1
NBTNMKK (Season 2) 27th March 2013 pt2
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Marriage during holi sequence in Na Bole...

Sunshine Productions' Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 has a lot of fun in store in its forthcoming holi sequence.  We have heard that Tannu willl try out something really funny to get her mother trapped in his plan to get him married to Aarti. Tannu's mother (Rinku Karmarkar) wants his son to get married to a rich girl so that she gets a lot of money and other valuables in dowry but he wants to get married to Aarti, whom he loves the most.  
According to our source, there will be a Bhaang competition in which Tannu (Aklaque Khan) will compete with his mother.  He will motivate his mother so that she drinks more bhang and becomes unconscious. Using this opportunity, Tannu marries Aarti in a hurry in front of his mother. She mistakes Aarti to be a rich girl in her unconscious state but the truth is that she hates her. On the other hand, there will also be a Bhang competition between Navika (Jayashree Venketaramanan) and Beera (Siddharth Arora).
We spoke to Aklaque Khan, who told TellyBuzz, "I thought that playing Holi would be tiring but it was fun shooting for the sequence and we all enjoyed it a lot. It would be good for the viewers to watch the sequence as a lot of fun is waiting for them in the upcoming sequence."  
So, how will Tannu's mother react after getting to know this truth? Seems like there will be a lot of drama to unfold in the upcoming tracks of Na Bole!

SBB seg Nanhi ki nautanki spiderman tere liye

Showed nanhi on top of the roof
said megha ki bitiya aaj garam Dharam bann gayi
nanhi says i wont come down till spider man comes
then promo scene
nanhi puts color on mohan
reporter said this holi MN removed their differences
this girl is very daring
bilkul papa pe gayi hai
MN hug
they said Nanhi morning walk karne nikli hai chhajje par along with beera
showed NaRa walking on the ledge of the terrace
Jayshree said it was Nanhis first bhang so she could just drink 3 glasses
they showed NaRa dancing at holi
Jayshree said Beera doesnt remember how many buckets of colori put on him 
Reporter said aaj inn dono ke dil mil gaye 

28 march PROMO *Mohan Nanhi HUG"

NBTNMKK (Season 2) 22nd March 2013

NBTNMKK (Season 2) 22nd March 2013 pt1
NBTNMKK (Season 2) 22nd March 2013 pt2
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